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BOOTLEG is a decentralized NFT protocol for generating BOOTLEG NFTs. Each BOOTLEG NFT modifies the metadata of an original NFT with unique glitches, effects, and other rarity traits.
The official BOOTLEG app can be used for minting BOOTLEG NFTs. Each BOOTLEG NFT contains the following:
  • A short snippet of the original image or video content
  • A BOOTLEG logo (randomly selected from a library of various versions)
  • A meme (or deep-dream meme)
  • Image glitching effects
Here is an example of the video metadata generated when minting a BOOTLEG NFT:
Example BOOTLEG NFT. Artwork courtesy of @ivyhsy
The content in the video above is a remix of the content specified in the metadata of an original NFT being specified when minting the BOOTLEG NFT. The name and description metadata properties of the original NFT is also remixed for the BOOTLEG NFT.

BOOT Token

The BOOT token is required to generate BOOTLEG NFTs. You can mine BOOT using NFTX tokens and can Buy BOOT on Uniswap. The BOOT fee required to mint a BOOTLEG NFT increases by 100 BOOT after every minting transaction.

Rarity Traits

BOOTLEG NFTs are randomly assigned one of the following four rarity classes:
Rarity Class: BOOTY (63%)
Rarity Class: DREAMY (23%)
Rarity Class: POOPY (10%)
Rarity Class: RAINBOW POOPY (4%)
Contains glitches and random meme
Deep dream memes
DREAMY + a little monochrome poop
DREAMY + a little rainbow poop
Only 4% of BOOTLEG NFTs feature the rare and all-powerful Rainbow Poop.
The rarity class and an identifier for the meme that is randomly chosen for the BOOTLEG NFT are included in the BOOTLEG NFT's metadata.
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