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BOOTLEG is committed to following all applicable copyright laws. User activity is not monitored by BOOTLEG for potential copyright violation and BOOTLEG does not monitor the content in feeds provided by third parties used to generate BOOTLEG online galleries.
BOOTLEG has instituted a notice-and-takedown procedure and will expeditiously comply with copyright claims. Our Repeat Infringer Policy results in permanent ban of any accounts repeatedly charged with copyright infringement.
If you would like to report infringement of your copyright in the NFT metadata generated by a BOOTLEG user, please contact us at [email protected] or using the Copyright Agent information on this site. Please specify the contract address and token IDs of the copyrighted NFT content.
Name: BOOTLEG Copyright Compliance Department
Street Address: PO Box 4985 Irvine 92616 CA United States
Telephone Number: +1 702 904 8855
DMCA Registration Number: DMCA-1037351

Last modified 2yr ago