System Architecture


The BOOTLEG NFT contract provides an interface for minting BOOTLEG NFTs. It can mint either one or up to 6 NFT tokens in a single transaction.
A fee in BOOT tokens is required for minting each BOOTLEG NFT. The BOOT fee increases by 100 BOOT for every previous transaction to mint a BOOTLEG NFT.
A maximum of 3 BOOTLEG NFTs can be created for every original NFT.


BOOT is a standard ERC-20 token that is utilized by the Bootleg protocol.
An economic exploit occurred prior to launching BOOTLEG but after a BOOT liquidity pool was created and some community members purchased the pre-launch BOOT token. Because of this, a second BOOT ERC-20 token was created and the original balances were airdropped to those holding the first token, not including the addresses of those hacking the original staking contract. If you did not receive an airdrop or the amount was incorrect, please fill out this form and we will contact you if more informtion is required to fulfill your request.

NFTX Staking Contract

URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to a bug found in the NFTX staking contract, please do not stake any NFTX. Staking NFTX may result in a loss of funds.
The NFTX Staking Contract has been utilized for the initial BOOT distribution. BOOT is emitted on a pro-rata basis to accounts staking the NFTX token. The staking lasts for 314159 blocks, with the starting block at 11917080 and 100 BOOT emitted per block and distributed to NFTX stakers on a pro-rata basis, with a total emitted supply of 31415900 BOOT. To facilitate a fair launch, the staking contract and online application were announced and linked to by the @BootlegNFT Twitter account before any staking had occurred.
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